Put the Sun's Endless Energy to Good Use

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Solar panels are a great way to generate your own electricity and save money on powering your place of business. But not all solar panel systems are the same. If you want your solar panels to be as efficient as possible, turn to American Energy Partners.

We install microgrid commercial solar panel systems in Scottsdale, AZ and Pleasanton, Cayucos, Sacramento and Monterey, CA. With a microgrid solar system, you can give your building a standalone electrical grid complete with batteries to reduce peak-hour operational costs and help you achieve total energy independence.

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How our solar systems go above and beyond

How our solar systems go above and beyond

From startup costs to durability concerns, we understand all the reasons that might make you hesitate to install a solar system. You'll rest easy when you choose our microgrid solar system because...

  • They're easy to install so you don't have to spend a fortune on setup
  • Our products have a penetration-resistant design with high durability and reliability
  • Your panels will have enhanced energy output, giving you as much power as possible

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