OBF Overview

OBF Overview

On-Bill Financing (OBF) allows eligible PG&E commercial customers to obtain loans of $5,000-$100,000, with payback periods of up to 60 months, for a wide variety of energy efficient projects. And government agencies within PG&E's service area can be eligible for loans of up to $250,000 that come with payback periods of up to 120 months. Best of all, with OBF, the loan is paid back based on projected energy savings, via installments on the customer's monthly PG&E bill. After the loan is repaid, any energy savings that result from the new, energy efficiency equipment will translate into lower utility costs - savings the customer can keep.

PG&E's On-Bill Financing (OBF) Program is funded by California utility customers and administered by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) under the direction of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). OBF provides qualified, non-residential PG&E customers with a means to finance energy-efficiency (EE) retrofit projects under select PG&E EE programs.


When deciding whether a business is eligible for On-Bill energy efficiency financing PG&E uses the following criteria:

  1. The PG&E customer must be a business customer or a federal, state, county or local government agency (see definition of Government Agency Customer below). Business customers and Government Agency Customers are collectively referred to as "Customer."
  2. The Customer currently receives service from PG&E at the location of the retrofit project.
  3. The Customer has maintained an active PG&E account for the previous 24 months.
  4. The Customer must be in good credit standing from when the Customer's program application is approved through the funding of the loan. A Customer's credit standing will be determined according to a Payment History Screening, which may be based upon the existence of any 24-hour disconnection notices in the last 12 months.

Fees & Interest

The loans offered by PG&E under OBF are interest free (0%) and free of any fees, pre-payment penalties, or other charges. The loan terms and conditions are set to provide simple payback from energy savings during the maximum allowed loan term, and are calculated by dividing the loan amount (eligible project cost less qualified program incentives) by the estimated monthly energy cost savings resulting from the retrofit project. The ensuing number of monthly payments must not exceed the maximum loan term (see Loan Criteria for additional details).

Loan Criteria

Loan terms and monthly payment amounts are determined based on the Customer's estimated monthly energy savings from the retrofit project. Business Customers may qualify for loans between $5,000 and $100,000 per Premises, with a maximum of $4,000,000 per Customer, and loan periods of up to 60 months. Government Agency Customers may qualify for loans between $5,000 and $250,000, with a maximum of $4,000,000 per Customer and loan periods of up to 120 months.


DLL Financing

DLL Financing

DLL has years of experience in financing lighting retrofit and upgrade projects for Tier 1 and Tier 2 lamps, fixtures and sensor controls. They provide lighting manufacturers, distributors, channel partners and contractors/installers with easy and efficient financing to help their customers maximize their cash flow benefits.

DLL is a global financial solutions partner working in Agriculture, Food, Healthcare, Clean Technology, Automotive, Transportation, Construction, Industrial Equipment and Office Technology. They collaborate with equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors to enable businesses to obtain and use the assets they need to contribute meaningfully to the world. DLL was awarded the 2014 Product and Service Innovation of the Year Award from Leasing Life, following similar awards for Vendor Finance Provider, Green Finance Provider, and Asset Finance Innovation Awards in 2012.